Men's Halfway House
Opportunity House is a recovery residence which operates as a therapeutic community. The term therapeutic community means that much of the decision making power is in the hands of the men who live there. The principle of peers helping peers has been established to be one of the most effective models of recovery.

At Opportunity House, this principle is practiced by placing the responsibility for each person's recovery with the individual and the group. Peers help each other as they help themselves. Decisions regarding privilege levels, discharges, etc are made by the staff.

Each resident has a thorough assessment completed after admission, is assigned a primary counselor/case manager, and begins a specialized course of treatment depending on needs and problems. There is no fixed length of stay at the residence. The length of stay can be as long as 90 to 120 days needed to accomplish the treatment goals.

Our weekly fee of $125.00 covers room, board, and counseling provided at the residence. Drug screens are included. A drug screen is performed at admission and randomly or "for cause" during the stay.