About Us
20151102_075403.jpgIn accordance with HOPE of East Tennessee's core values of dignity, integrity, hope, excellence, action, and innovation, we welcome all clients, patients and participants regardless of the challenges or problems they face. We expect many of the individuals that present at our programs may have co-occurring disorders and will screen for those disorders. We provide life enhancing recovery options including integrated services related to alcohol and drug addiction and other behavioral health disorders. Our goal is to maintain an emphatic, ethical, responsive, and professional attitude in all phases of care and we are dedicated to creating an environment of opportunity, choice, and hope.

All persons seeking services will be received in a welcoming and respectful manner regardless of presenting needs, symptoms, or illness. We adhere to a "No Wrong Door" approach in order to remove barriers to care and services. The HOPE of East Tennessee staff will aid all persons in navigating the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug, and Medical treatment systems. Our outreach is a system-based effort and as a result of advocacy and referral, individual needs are addressed either by our direct services or by a collaborating provider within the human service community. Our philosophy is to ensure that individuals receive all the services that they need and for which they are eligible.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at HOPE of East Tennessee, Inc., in collaboration with Ridgeview Mental Health Center, is to provide the highest quality treatment and supportive services in a safe environment to men and women seeking recovery from substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. These services are provided without regard to race, religion, national origin, sexual preference, or financial status.

HOPE of East Tennessee, Inc., is a non-profit organization providing recovery residences and outpatient treatment for men and women with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. Intensive Outpatient Treatment is available for indigent Clients as well as those with Tenncare coverage or B.C.B.S.T.

Our residences and outpatient center are centrally located in Oak Ridge, providing easy access to resources.

HOPE of East Tennessee, Inc., was chartered in 1976 in the State of Tennessee as a non-profit corporation and is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

HOPE is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services all applicable life safety rules.

You may contact HOPE by telephone at (865) 482-4826 or by email at carrisa@hopeofet.org

Our History

HOPE OF EAST TENNESSEE began operation in 1976 with a men's residence at our current location. From the beginning, our mission has been to provide a safe, homelike, and sober environment for those individuals who want to remain sober and need continued assistance.

We currently have a capacity of 15 beds for men.

Our men's Halfway House is named Opportunity House, the name given by the founders of HOPE. The addition was dedicated to Bill Sewell, a long time supporter of HOPE and a man dedicated to the principles of Alcoholic's Anonymous.

In 1995, HOPE acquired three apartment units for use as transitional living. These are fully furnished apartments with a total of 11 beds designated as a two phase transistion program for women.

Women enter Phase I after completeing a 28 day in-patient treatment program. During Phase I women are provided with staff and peer support for a positive treatment experience with holistic recovery. They enter Intensive Outpatient treatment and are given assistance with finding employment and developing a sober support system before moving into Phase II where theycontinue to be supported and assisted with the transition back to home and a sober productive life.

The stay in this program is approxomately 6 months and the cost is $110 per week.

In 2010 HOPE collaborated with Ridgeview Mental Health Center to provide services to those with co-occuring disorders. These services will be given concurrently with the substance use disorder treatment.

Hope also offers outpatient services, aftercare, individual counseling and special focus groups such as relapse prevention and dual diagnosis.

Our Philosophy

For many years, the principle of peers helping peers has been established to be one of the most effective models of recovery. At Opportunity House, this principle is practiced by placing responsibility for each person's recovery with the group. You help peers in their recovery as they help you. Decisions regarding admission, privilege levels, discharge, etc. are discussed and made by the staff.

At HOPE, we believe that alcohol and drug addiction is a disease. We believe that this disease, if left untreated, will result in spiritual, emotional, and physical decay as well as financial bankruptcy. Eventually, this disease will result in death.

It is our belief that individuals choose to abuse alcohol and other drugs for a wide variety of reasons. Whether the reasons have to do with family pressures, poor choice of friends, peer pressure, health reasons, etc., the problems to be faced remain the same for all. The person must first stop using the chemical, then start learning to cope with daily living problems without using the drug or continuing the old behavior. Hope does not provide detoxification services but takes individuals who have successfully completed a detoxification program and assist them in becoming sober and responsible members of their community. We believe that HOPE's role in an individual's recovery is to provide an opportunity to continue recovery after abstinence has been established.

After becoming drug and alcohol free, we believe the person must learn more healthy ways of coping and learn to change old patterns of behavior which contributed to staying drunk or high. The changes made must include learning responsibility by following rules and planning or structuring everyday life, learning to trust, learning to identify and express feelings in an acceptable way, and learning to feel good and have fun without the use of alcohol or drugs.

We believe that providing a sober environment, group and individual counseling to talk about problems, and the structure and guidance gained from daily contact with staff and other recovering people are necessary ingredients to add to a person's desire to stay sober. Families are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of the treatment process.

The Hope program relies extensively on the 12-Step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Individuals are expected to be responsible for themselves by being gainfully employed and contributing toward the cost of room, board and treatment. In addition, clients are responsible for the recovery community of which they are a part of by attending recovery groups, outpatient programs, as well as the management and enforcement of the norms for the houses they reside in.